About KemLab Inc.

KemLab Inc. is a photoresist manufacturing and innovation company located in Woburn, MA focusing on high-tech photosensitive imaging materials used in the electronics industry. We are experts in Negative, Positive, Advanced Packaging, and Image Reversal resists.

KemLab is affiliated with Kempur Microelectronics, the largest photoresist company in China. This partnership enables KemLab access to state of the art technology, equipment, and increased manufacturing capabilities.

Our Features

  • Photoresist manufacturing

  • New Products

  • Customization and Application support

  • Fast R&D cycles

  • Short lead times

  • Competitive pricing

Specialty Services

KemLab can customize electronic material formulations for the specific applications of customers.

We specialize in photoresist, ancillaries, and alternate coating technologies.

  • Design new photoresist and ancillaries

  • Modify commercially available photoresist

  • Optimize film thickness, optical absorbance, photospeed, lithographic profiles, etc.

  • Offer small volumes

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