KL8000-HT Positive Photoresist

KL8000-HT series are positive photoresists for use in i-Line, g-Line and broadband applications. KL8000 offers high sensitivity and increased heat resistance for wider post-develop process latitude.

  • Increased heat resistance of 20°C vs. standard positive resists
  • Cover 0 – 2.5 µm in a single coat
  • Designed for use with industry standard 0.26 N TMAH developers
  • Custom formulations available

Typical Process

  • Soft Bake: 105°C for 60s
  • Expose: i-line, g-line, broadband
  • Post Expose Bake: 115°C for 60s
  • Develop: spray, puddle or immersion                 
  • Developer: 0.26N TMAH